Watermelon Minis Michelle Voigt Photography – BCS Photographer Perfect summer mini for boys, and girls! Great alternative to 4th Of July photos! Fun, cute and just screams SUMMER! 15 Mins 5 Images Up to 2 Kids

  Cake By : Peace, Love & Cakes   

    Cake By : Peace, Love & Cakes 

Man oh Man, Mommy & Mes are very dear to my heart, your little are only small for a short time, and even your teens still give you a moment of sweet little cuddles from time to time. I had so much fun capturing all these incredible moms and their littles! Mommy & Me Minis […]

Cake By Peace,Love and Cakes 

Cake by Peace Love and Cakes 

Steampunk Unicorn, you read it right. This one was so much fun to plan, and see come together! When mom first mentioned it, I was a little thrown back. But, once we discussed I couldn’t wait to start designing! With lots of planning, and visualizing the setup was born! Cake by Peace Love and Cakes 






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